Bespoke Software Development Services - mobile, web & desktop

When off-the-shelf is not up to the job!

If off-the-shelf can fit your business, then fine.  But all too often you end up bending your business to fit around your software and it does not achieve what you want it to.  We at Burnt Orange create software that is custom-built to meet your exact needs.  It doesn't have to cost the earth, and crucially it puts you right where you need to be - in control of your operations.

What can we do for you?

  • Move your systems to the cloud for maximum access, high performance and cost reduction
  • Connect your customers directly to your company and it's products & services through the web and with mobile access
  • Optimise your business efficiency through automation of back-office systems and processes
  • Eliminate duplication of effort by integrating technologies and systems so they all work together

Track Record

Helping you to win the race to enhance your business – below are listed clients, their products and services, and recent projects we’ve undertaken on their behalf:

  • Fashion forward eye-wear brand
    Design and build of a suite of back-office systems and web portal for supply chain, inventory management, CRM, order processing, shipping, billing and reporting for Jai Kudo
  • Revolutionary approach to employee engagement
    Design and delivery of cloud-based survey platform for Thymometrics
  • Global telecommunications distributor
    Design and build of ordering, stock management, order processing, shipping, billing and reporting system for RP Europe
  • Enhancing liver performances for musicians
    A cloud based (SaaS) product for Stageprompter, to enable musicians with an online text/image editor for use with their "teleprompter" system
  • Systems Integration for leading food distribution company
    Design and build of an import/export/transformation and reporting system for a leading food distribution company using SQL Server
  • Consultation for mobile phone retail chain
    Working for a leading mobile phone retailer to assess and advise following the aquisition of a web application provider
  • Mobile phone recycling website
    Design and delivery of cloud-based mobile phone recycling platform.

See our approach for more information on how we work with our clients or applications for the types of projects we can help with.

To explore how we can help your business please contact us.