The Stageprompter is a the equivalent of a "teleprompter" for musicians.  It allows musicians to have their lyrics, chord or music notation available to them during live performances and is used worldwide by many leading artists.

Paul Stafford, Director of Stageprompter approached Burnt Orange Designs to see how an application could be engineered to help customers edit their images/texts for use with the Stageprompter.  As Paul puts it ...

"... we luckily came across Burnt Orange Designs in Cambridge... Jerry discussed with us our ideas and what we wanted to achieve rather than giving us a geeky lecture on the ins and outs of software and server platforms... Our bespoke software solution is now complete, on time and in budget. It is fantastic and looks and works exactly as we wanted it. Jerry and his company are a pleasure to work with, calm and very professional. We would have no hesitation in recommending them."

The Burnt Orange solution was to build a web application so there would be no issues with installing on customers equipment.  Equally important were ease of use and cross platform support as the clients could be running all sorts of different browsers to access the application.

Jerry explains ... "We needed to provide an online image and text editor that was simple to use and would work on as broad a range of internet browsers as possible.  There are many great features with new technologies such as HTML5 that could have been used, but they just weren't going to work with old browsers so we had to find other ways."

Under the bonnet

The Stageprompter application is written in ASP.NET, C# and JQUERY.  It runs with a SQL Server database on Microsoft's Windows Azure Cloud Platform.  By running in Microsoft's cloud we are assured of 24x7 availability from anywhere in the world.