About Us

Don’t bend your business to fit IT -
... bend IT to fit your business!

Burnt Orange Designs was founded in 2008 by Jerry Pett, after gaining more than 10 years in software consultancy, delivering a broad range of solutions to large and small organisations.  He also spent seven years heading Information Systems for the leading mobile phone company Dial-a-Phone.  His diverse and extensive experience contributes to his incisive appreciation of the needs of commercial business.  Jerry explains what Burnt Orange Designs is all about ...

"We encourage people to forget what they think they can buy and to concentrate instead on what they need to achieve.  It's not about the technology itself - it's about what can be attained with the technology.  We ask a lot of questions and listen closely to what customers really need and pride ourselves on total focus on the customers' goals.  Ultimately we are their partners and we deliver robust systems that fulfill the job required."

We can
  • Move your systems to the cloud for maximum access, high performance and cost reduction
  • Connect your customers directly to your company and it's products & services through the web and with mobile access
  • Optimise your business efficiency through automation of back-office systems and processes
  • Eliminate duplication of effort by integrating technologies and systems so they all work together

See our case studies for recent projects.

"Burnt Orange undertook a major full-time software project for my company, Jai Kudo, that stretched over two years. Jerry Pett combines top-level programming skill with perspicacity and a total dedication to the task in hand. He also boasts a commercial sensibility absent in the vast majority of IT people"

Jamie Holoran
Executive Managing Director - Jai Kudo