Burnt Orange Designs was approached by Hugh Tonks to transform a fantastic concept into a Software as a service (SaaS) product.


In essence the product is a survey engine with advanced analytics and inbuilt communications.  Hugh explains some of the background: -

"We didn't need just coders, we needed people who could add value by questioning and extending the proposition, enhancing the product features and then building them.  Burnt Orange delivered outstanding services in terms of adding value.  They took a true partnership approach and helped us drive the platform forward as well as delivering an enterprise class, scalable and high performance platform."

Burnt Orange continues to partner with Thymometrics to develop and support this extraordinary platform for the future.

Thymometrics is available at thymometrics.com

Under the bonnet

The Thymometrics platform runs on Microsoft's Windows Azure (Cloud) platform and was built using ASP.NET, C#, JQUERY and SQL Server (Azure).